Show Notes:

What does playing basketball have in common with releasing a hit song? In Johnny 2 Phones’ mind, a lot. So much that he made “athletic background” a requirement in his search to hire an intern.

In this episode we talk to Johnny about how a sports background has influenced his artist career, making music that is happy-sad, TikTok strategy for making your music viral, what to do when you feel like giving up, and the important distinction between being confident and being cocky.

KOBY: [00:00:00] Welcome back for episode 35 of self signed artist. What can sports teach us about building a music career? Find out in this episode, as we talk to Johnny 2 phones,

how’s it going everybody I’m Koby Nelson and it wouldn’t be an episode of self signed artists. If I wasn’t joined by the Jake Mannix.

How’s it going,

JAKE: [00:00:47] I’m doing good. I’m doing good. Excited for what? The weeks to come will bring. More on


KOBY: [00:00:53] later. Yeah. Nothing you can talk about yet,

but no, there will be a story there in weeks to come before we get started with our actual episode today and with our guests, I want to take a second to give a little shout out.

Can you let us know about some of the stuff that happened the other day and. Shout out this person?

JAKE: [00:01:12] Uh,

yes, long story short yesterday, I was on the customer service chat with Walmart. And the person that I was on with arrow goes is this Jake that does the podcast. And I have the screenshots. Maybe Kobe can post those on Instagram or something.


of weird. Very funny.

KOBY: [00:01:30] Yeah, crazy. It’s the first time that anybody’s ever from a random source called out the podcast and recognize somebody. So shout out to Walmart customer service guy Errol and thank you to everybody who listens to this podcast every week. And we love hearing from you. So looking forward to stumbling across some other listeners to the podcast.

Random locations in the future. Yeah. Now onto our guest for this week. So this is one that’s been a long time coming because we’ve mentioned him on quite a few episodes already on the podcast. He’s a close collaborator with our very own Jake Mannix. He is rapidly growing his audience and building his brand.

So we want to welcome to the podcast. Johnny two phones.

JOHNNY: [00:02:16] Hello? Hello. Hello? Hello. My thing I’m like, hi, how’s everybody. How are you guys? How’s it going? Thanks for being here. Of course. I’m happy to be here with the homies, man.

KOBY: [00:02:31] So you guys are right before a session that you’re going to do crank out another hit.

Jake, do you want to give a little bit of a background? How you guys know each other? Cause you’ve been close collaborators for a really long time

JOHNNY: [00:02:42] now, right? Yes. Yeah. Probably like, uh, 16. I was 16. I ju I was 17 and I just turned 20. She was still in high school. I was a high school kid. Yeah.

JAKE: [00:02:56] Um, and the first time that he came in with was so fire

JOHNNY: [00:02:59] and it’s out.

At that time. I really thought that was like, I was like Dreek with that song. I was like, yeah, this song is crazy. That song is Ms. Smith. First one I came with and

JAKE: [00:03:11] yeah, things just kind of, one thing led to another things got more serious than the team formed up. And

JOHNNY: [00:03:18] here we are. Yeah.

KOBY: [00:03:19] You guys collaborated on that first

JOHNNY: [00:03:21] sound?

Oh no. Okay. I brought it like I had, um, it was through a artist friend of mine. It was quality jacket and, uh, I was kind of up until that point recording in my room and then I didn’t even, it wasn’t a point before I’d say like, everything was so accessible. Like it was still in like that because of the 2000 tens where the early 2000 tens were more so of like you had to, like, you weren’t, you didn’t have to go to a studio.

Kids were doing it alone, but you definitely had to be a little bit more older or like more experienced to get it out. So I came in kind of when that. And that was in a weird stage show is like 2014. And then I was like, yo, I didn’t even know we had studios here and then quality Jack. I don’t even know how I got with him.

And he brought me here and like, he played me a song that Jake recorded for him. And I was like, Oh my God, it’s so good. And he was like, yo, it’s not even mixed. And I was like mixed to me and I know like I just put doubles on it and call it a day. So that was missed me. And then. Yeah, from there, I just kept coming back because of the other sounds crazy.

Like I’m so much better after that. And I think that’s like a downplay of like engineers. Nobody really says how much your music changes. For sure.

KOBY: [00:04:30] Yeah. And now you guys have had some pretty big successes. We talked to haunted GE a couple of weeks back about some of the big songs that you’ve had going on yet.

He’s sitting back there behind you guys.

JOHNNY: [00:04:42] Can we get a shout out?

KOBY: [00:04:48] So, can you give any insight into what has led to some of the successes that you guys have seen over the past couple of months really started probably with rescue. Is that, is that where you say, like, things really started to take off?

JOHNNY: [00:05:00] Um, what’d you say that? Or would you say like gelato or like the Oh, moments, like there’s so many times that

KOBY: [00:05:06] yeah, you’ve had multiple big

JOHNNY: [00:05:07] songs.

Yeah, I’d say this is the first success we’ve had on the internet. And that’s why it’s different because every success I’ve had up until this point has kind of been. Based off of word of mouth and like, that’s something I pride myself and I feel like that it’s 10 times harder, but it’s like, every time I’ve talked to the team, it’s like, yo, like we just need something to go on the internet.

Like we know we’re good enough to do it. I know I have good enough music. The branding’s there everything’s there. It’s just like, we just need exposure. And then we finally got it. And now we’re here and it’s like, damn. And like the world’s like catching up to what we do. And it’s like, I don’t, I’m not cocky or anything at all, but it’s like, Jesus, like hump about time, like took long enough, but we’re happy.

I’m happy. Yeah.

KOBY: [00:05:47] Is there anything that you can point to that really made that different this time around for this most recent stuff?

JOHNNY: [00:05:56] Yeah. The godly app, Tik TOK. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Um, yeah, it’s just, it’s it’s really just like. We had to kind of, I talked to it, um, coach Hayes is Brian Hayes is what I call him.

Um, that’s my boy. And we just sat down and we were like, yo, let’s let’s pod out. It takes out thing. I, I had been working on Tik TOK for probably a couple months, six months. And he was always in my ear like, yo, you’re doing Tik TOK wrong. And I was like, nah, I’m not doing soccer. I know what I’m doing. And then a week into it, of where he, with him on Tik TOK, we had a.

Like three different viral videos. So I didn’t know what I was doing. I’d take stock and, uh, yeah, it’s really just like ticks hock gives artists exposure because it’s built in a way that shows you what you’re interested in and there’s the algorithm is fair and you’re just playing the lottery and you have to, it takes out a weird app.

It’s not, it’s like. You have to be very determined to blow up on takes out because it’s hard. And then you have to be okay with getting like zero views on some stuff. And like, that’s really what I’ve learned in the past month is that you have, I have to be kind of okay with not everything performing great.

And you just, okay. It’s onto the next or it’s. How do we fix that and how do we see where we went wrong and make that more engaging or. How do we just, you know, make better content and better music. And that’s really what this entire Johnny phones thing has been about. Like kind of trial and error and just going with the flow.

KOBY: [00:07:20] Are there any specific things with tick tock that you’ve found have. Worked on a more consistent basis where it takes out a little bit of that lottery element. I mean, one of the things that I’ve noticed from some of your social media stuff is that a lot of them kind of are built almost like mini music videos, but then they also, a lot of the time have a lot of the big ones, especially have had like a text element where there’s a small yeah.

Block of text on the screen and it’s split up over the course of the video. I was thinking about that and I think that’s a really smart way to go about doing it. Cause you’re, you’re kind of giving people a tease, like it’s a little bit of a thought at a time and you have to listen through and watch through the whole thing to get the full message.

Exactly. So it really captures your attention and it helps build that familiarity with the song. Cause it’s, it’s all over. Your music. So is there, is there anything like that, that you can kind of point to that you’ve sort of discovered


JOHNNY: [00:08:15] work? Yeah, a hundred percent when I first started off on tic-tac, I feel like I was kind of like everybody else and was just posting just random stuff.

And it’s like, you kind of have to learn your content. So Tech-Talk is based off of niches or niches, whatever. However, you pronounce a word it’s up to you guys, but, uh, it’s, it’s very niche based. So it’s like, you have to, first of all, find out your niche and me, my niche is obviously music, so. Well, you have to see like your first couple videos.

What does well, and then, okay. Like you have to kind of shift towards that because you have to get to a certain point of popularity on Tik TOK for people to care about the other things you do. And like, yeah, like you said, some of the video structures I changed because at the end, the beginning, the videos were like 60 seconds and.

Did it include texts and then I like, it’s just, it’s basic content rules as you go by, like putting words on the screen, obviously, like you said, it’s going to keep people engaged. They’re reading it. It’s more engaging colors. I wear warm colors. That’s just the way I dress. And like, it’s like, Oh, well obviously it makes it more attractive to the eye.

Um, I say like, wait until the end on the laughing emoji. So people are like, you’re. On Tik TOK, and basically on all social media now, which is so messed up, it’s just awful for your brain. The biggest, the biggest algorithm point you get is screen time. So it’s like you have to figure out a way and your content to keep people engaged with it.

And for me, it’s like, I’m super uncomfortable with doing gimmicky weird stuff. So it’s like word, I’ll just do it, rap stuff. And it’s like, I’ll just dance to my music. And it’s like, people at first were like, that’s corny. And it’s like, if you go on, on my Instagram, I’ve been dancing to my music for like four years now.

So it’s just like, I brought it to a different app and put words on top of it. Like, and then on top of that, it’s like, if you’re an artist yes. And you see everybody popping on takes hock. And I’m one of those people who parked on tic-tac and if you’re an artist seeing that, and you’re like, that’s corny, you’re just an idiot.

And you probably should stop rapping because it’s like, yo. You care more about other people’s opinion than you do about the progression of your career. And it’s like, as long as you’re being yourself on Tik TOK, like there’s a lane for you and like, you don’t have to like sell yourself out or do take tack dances like Addison, Ray, it’s a pop up on Tik TOK, bro.

Just play your music. If it’s good, they’re going to like you and be yourself. Don’t do any weird stuff that you wouldn’t do. Like don’t chase clout. Like the class is going to come to you. If you like what you’re doing. If you love what you’re doing, if you’re passionate about it. Yeah, I

KOBY: [00:10:32] think that’s really interesting and a place where a lot of people get tripped up with social media or just promotion in general is like this, the idea that if you’re promoting yourself that that’s not making it about something other than the music or something like that.

So then people just don’t put any thought into. How they’re putting their stuff out there, but that’s one of the most important I think you would agree. It sounds like you would agree. That’s one of the most important things for growing a career. I have one question for you about social media in general, it could be Tik TOK or anything.

Instagram. Do you have any sort of strategy for how to take that engagement from whatever social media platform and translate it back over to a streaming platform? Like how do you actually get people from tic talker, Instagram to Spotify or Apple music? Cause that’s kind of a, a key thing and it seems like you’ve done that.

Really well, I see I’ve gone through some of your social media and people talk about like a specific song that they have whatever streamed so many times, but they found you on a social media platform. So is there any thought behind that there’s a

JOHNNY: [00:11:36] couple levels to it. I mean, that’s kind of like a loaded question, you know what I mean?

Cause it’s like, first of all, you have to be a good artist and I don’t mean to knock other artists because good is, is, uh, What is the word I’m looking for? It’s subjective. Like, I can hear Jason, who’s going to be like, yo, that’s amazing Hunter. Get here and be like, yeah, that sucks. And it’s just like, you have to think you’re a good artist.

And then from there you have to put your 10,000 hours in and make sure that all your music is good and that you care about everything. And then all that’s going to be up there already. So that’s step one. Like you have to have good music out already and like, Not hold onto your best songs cause they’ll catch when it’s supposed to catch.

And then from there, like kind of how he did is like, yeah, we got, we didn’t get lucky. We like planned it out with rescue what, some bit of luck, yam kinda line there, but, uh, what’s some bit of luck and then people are going to be intrigued by your story and go back and listen in the fact that it’s worked so well for us is because like same reason it’s working for solely right now.

It’s like, People you have good music, you know what I mean? It’s like you have good music and the content you’re constantly putting out is good content. So people are like impressed by you and they’re impressed even more so because they have no idea who you are. And it’s like, how does this no-name kid from upstate New York work with two different people and make disco to music?

It’s intriguing. It’s interesting because it’s like, It’s good. And that I think people get so caught up in trying to figure out all the different back roads and secrets. And no, there’s no secret to it. I’ve talked to, like, I remember had a conversation with Kirk Knight, Joey, bad-ass his manager. And I was like really young.

And I was like, yo, like what? What’s what’s like the secret. And I was like, what is, what is the secret to all of this? And he looks at me and he’s just like, yo, there’s no secret. Like, and the more we grow the more, every time we grow, every time I have this conversation with John Hunter, it’s like, yo, there is no.

Special, one thing that is going to take this from the a, to B, it’s really all the things you do in between every day. Even like they know how crazy I am over this. Like even if like mixing it’s like, ah, I’m in here. Like, no, turn that up. Point three, zero six decibels. And like on the cover, I’m like, no, make this orange instead of yellow and move it to the right corner.

It’s like, all of that really, really counts in the moments when you go have a viral moment like me, because people are going to go back to your music. As long. Okay. I guess I can answer this, put it in your bio, but as long as it’s in your bio, people are going to click that. And if you have good, attractive stuff on there, that, that you’re proud of people are going to mess with it because they’re like, Oh, this is a good artist.

Like I’m intrigued by this. So it’s really being prepared for that moment, having your link easily accessible, forcing traffic to that link, and then making sure that you’re staying consistent throughout your. Viral moment or it making sure it’s not a viral moment. Like that’s how you make sure it’s not a viral moment is being prepared for that moment.

And being prepared that like being repaired in the sense of your content being strong and you already going through the trials and errors and sometimes your viral moment comes before you’re ready for all that. And that’s fine. Like, I think the biggest thing people have to realize is like, yo. It’s okay.

If you mess up, like, that’s the biggest thing it’s like, okay. Like keep pushing. You’re going to figure it out. So I’d say be prepared for it. Make sure your link is easily accessible and make sure you have good music with good cover art. Cause cover are actually managed shadows. That Instagram page. I like the cover are actually matters.

Instagram page a lot. It’s pretty cool. Page. But, yeah, that’s my answer. I’m sorry. Am I talking a lot? I talk a lot. Like you guys, you guys brought the wrong person on this podcast. I talk,

KOBY: [00:15:00] no, this is great. You just dropped a lot in there that I want to kind of circle back to as well. So one of the things that I’ve noticed from your music when we’re, when we’re talking about good music and what makes.

Music. Good. It’s, it’s something that you can’t really quantify, but I will say that there are a couple of things that I think that you do. And I don’t know if this is a conscious decision or something that just kind of comes out in your music. But I think there is a, a definite mood that goes along with your music is really interesting.

And you kind of have this juxtaposition between upbeat on the happy side, like feeling as far as the music goes, but then a lot of the times you’re talking about something that is. A little bit heavier, a little bit darker, a breakup or whatever. So you kind of have this, this bittersweet vibe that comes across in the whole thing that I think works really, really well.

So how much of that mood is deliberate and how much of that is just comes from what you and your team happened

JOHNNY: [00:15:59] to make? It’s an interesting thought because I don’t think it. It’s on purpose when it starts out, it kinda just happens, but I’m, I’m a hundred percent aware that I know what I’m doing in the studio.

Like I know I’m like, Oh, this is just going to work. Cause I mean, I guess that’s really just who I am as a person. Um, I guess I’m just always sad, but hyper. So it’s like, that’s kind of just it’s who I am and that’s like, I want to make music that people can cry in the clubs who cause that’s one of my favorite activities is being drunk in clubs and crying.

Um, nah, it’s just like music that is hype. I tell Hunter every time he started beating, I’m like, yo, if you could dance to it, I’m a rap to it. So like, I like music that, that goes and makes you get up. I guess it starts with my overall goal. Overall goal with music is to make it sounds so corny. It’s like to make the world a better place.

It’s like, I really want to. Give people that two minute and 32nd break from what, from whatever they’re in front of and just let them enjoy the music and get them up and moving because I have like mental health stuff, like depression, anxiety, and it’s like, What helps me most is when I start getting up and moving.

So I know if I like talk about certain things and an upbeat song, like it’s okay for you to feel that those things motions, but I want you to move it out. I want you to almost like exercise it out. Like, that’s what I, like. If I’m down, I go play basketball or dance and like do stuff like that. So it’s like, I almost want to get you in that, that, that emotion me sad, but get you moving and vitamin.

Cause it’s like, that’s when you’re at your utmost, like. You just vulnerable in that spot. And it’s like, that’s such a comfortable spot to be in once you accept it. And it’s like, if you could be in that spot at a party, like you’re just around people who cause every everybody’s sad, everybody, everybody has issues.

And like, if the song is sad and reviving too, it’s like, damn like you don’t feel, I feel like you don’t feel any human connection or closer. Like you’re not, you don’t feel closer to another human. More. So in any moment when you’re both sad, but you’re like, yo like, fuck it. Like, you know, we’re both sad in this moment, but it’s lit and we’re 22 years old and like life sucks at times, but we’re fucking alive.

So it’s lit or we’re having, we’re having tons of fun right now. And that’s, that’s really why music is. I want to give people that sense of community. I like yo, you’re not in this alone. And yes, I know it sucks. And I, and I can tell you firsthand, like, like my, one of my bars, like the barber side with my girlfriend, bro, I know it sucks.

But like, we’re having fun and we’re vibing and you’re sad. I’m sad, but we’re lit right now. And it’s a great time at the end of the day because we’re alive. And we’re happy about that fact. Yeah.

KOBY: [00:18:29] I think, I think timing may have something to do with the success of some of the most recent songs, because like for the past year or whatever, a lot of people have had kind of a obliger in 2020 it’s it’s COVID has affected everything.

A lot of people are. Feeling down in that way. But I think a lot of people are also craving like, like the, the upbeat side of it. So

JOHNNY: [00:18:52] yeah, a hundred percent. Um, it’s almost crazy. This is like every conversation I had with labels, this is exactly like what they were saying to me. And it’s like, yeah. I mean, the world sucks.

Let’s be honest, I guess like when I was in a sucky place and it’s like, I don’t care about your car or how many girls you’ve been with in your gold chain right now? It’s like, dude, my grandma just died from COVID and you’re telling me about your, your chain, dude. I don’t care about your VVS right now.

Like we need music. Like we almost need like a revolutionary, like Beatles moment and it’s like, we need that music. That’s like, yo come together and like, The world sucks. And it’s just like, and I’m not knocking those artists who do that because I also love those artists and I listened to them a lot, but it’s like, there needs to be a balance.

And I feel like the balance is coming back and music with like, Kind of half and half, like, you know, party club stuff. And then not that party clubs stuff doesn’t have substance. I hate when people say that music doesn’t have substance, it does have substance. It’s more so of like, you need the equal balance of that.

And I feel like that over the past few years in rap alone, there is an unequal balance. And that’s why fans are like, Oh, they all have about the same thing in it. So I was like, no, there’s just an unequal balance. And you probably listen to mainstream radio. So you don’t even pick what you’re listening to.

Like we’re the internet era, bro. You can just. Like, if you don’t like that, or I don’t understand how people have online and like talk crazy about artists. Like you don’t have to listen to him. Like you have a Spotify account, you can go listen to whoever you want to listen to in the world could be grand, but you, like, why are you on the baby’s comments?

I should talk about the baby. Like. Go listen to Dominic Fike or somebody, but you don’t have to listen to the baby. Like, that’s so weird to me. It’s like you’re in the internet age, listen to whatever you want to listen to. But yes, to answer your question, I do think it’s like perfect timing for my music.

Cause it’s just like, it’s real and I’m a transparent person and I’ve never been afraid to like say how I feel. And like, I don’t know. I said my girlfriend got slept with by the barber, like. In a song it’s like, I don’t think it gets more personal than that. That’s some, that’s some heavy loaded stuff right there.

Right. I said that without realizing like that she’s an actual person and probably heard the song and I was like, dang, like I hope I never have to see her again. That would be so, but, uh, yeah, I think like people just want music that is real to them. And then in the times right now, cause it’s a really hard time.

And our government sucks. So yeah,

KOBY: [00:21:14] I think you’re doing a great job when it, when it comes to that, because your music comes across as very conversational, it comes across as relatable. So it really walks that, that line really well. I think so.

JOHNNY: [00:21:25] Yeah. I appreciate that.

JAKE: [00:21:27] W when it comes to the positivity or even like the sound, are there any people or

JOHNNY: [00:21:31] artists that influence you.

Yeah, I think it’s weird. As far as the positivity note goes, I have anybody that’s like, yeah, they made positive music. So I sat there and wanted to make it. I didn’t get to this sound file following like somebody else and trying to be like that. I kind of got to the sound kind of like do everything else.

I’ve done, like trial and error. Like, you know, like we, I didn’t start off with this type of music, but my main influences I’d say are like Mac Miller, kid Cuddy, um, was Khalifa outcast. Um, I absolutely love Drake and little Wayne Little Wayne is my favorite rapper of all time, but, you know, but I that’s, that’s more of like skill set that I, that I, I appreciate their music and like, I don’t know.

I just appreciate them as artists and what they do and everything. It’s just cool. I just I’m a fan at the end of the day. And I feel like people are afraid to admit that like our other artists are afraid to admit that they’re fans of people. Like, no, if I see Drake I’m bugging out, like when I met first met solely, I was like, Oh, So he it’s free.

It’s pretty good. You know what I mean? Cause it’s music it’s exciting, but yeah, I think as far as the positivity, that all kind of came from making piss me off. Cause that was my first song. Well, that was my first time being like depressed. Like I’ve been sad before, but like I was clinically depressed in that.

Like I, that was my first time. Dealing with that type of mental health issue. Like my traumas from childhood came out in that time. Um, there’s just a lot going on in my life in that time. And it was like, wow, I’ve never felt this feeling. And, and, and they say your twenties or your second, like puberty, like, it’s your puberty for your mental?

So it was like, that was my first time kind of putting that all into a song and just the reaction off of it and seeing how like, people were hitting me up, like, yo. My day is better because of you. And like, yo, like my girlfriend just cheated on me and she’s hooked the kids and they’re telling me this in my DMS.

And they’re like, yo, my, your song kind of got me through that. It’s like, that type of stuff was like, Oh, what? And at that point in time, I, I had like 10,000 followers on Instagram. I didn’t really have that big of an outreach. So I was like, I didn’t even know. I, it was possible for me to have that type of.

Influence on people’s lives. I didn’t know I was important. And it was like, that was the moment I think I’d stepped back. You’re pissing me off. And I was like, you could change the world. Like you could really do this. And then from there that that’s the mission. Like Holy S word, I could, I could do it.

Like we could do it. And like, that was, that was that kind of aha moment that, that realization of like, Your music matters now, and you could really make your music matter. So like that’s where that comes from.

KOBY: [00:24:03] Well, you brought up that song. I was actually going to ask about that song specifically, because I think that’s like the perfect example of what we were talking about earlier with the mood where it’s a very happy sounding song.

But it’s not a happy song.

JOHNNY: [00:24:17] Yeah. Because there’s a UC bird named Patrick CC, um, who played piss me off and he kinda co-signed it early on, which helped with the growth of it. But, um, he kinda, ah, reviewed it. I saw one of his ruses, like, yo, let’s just happy music and it’s not corny. And like, I guess I was my first time when I realized people didn’t think it was corny.

Cause I didn’t even care if people really think it’s corny that never bothered me, but I was like, wow, that is actually really true. Like I do make happy music that isn’t corny. Like I feel like that’s so hard to achieve for people, but for me, it’s like, I guess there’s just natural. So it’s like, you can never come off corny if you’re doing you.

And I feel like artists also have to realize that it’s just like, yo, if you do you, you can’t be replicated. You can’t be copying anybody else because nobody else has lived your personal experiences and knows how to move, how you know how to move. So it’s like, go be yourself and you’re going to be special.

Like everybody’s trying to be special trying to figure out what makes you unique. It’s being yourself. And that’s the only way to do it because it’s like, you’re the only you in the world. So it’s, don’t try to be the Migos or Drake. B Ted from Schenectady, New York or Craig from Nashville. Like, just be that, like, what does he have to say?

I’ve already, I’ve already heard with what the Migos from Atlanta had to say. I’ve already heard that a thousand times I’ve already heard 20 young thug clones. So it’s like, what, what do, what do you other guys have to say? And I, and I feel like I’m talking to an artist right now. I feel like that’s mostly your guys.

Um, Yeah. Yeah. So that’s, that’s why I’m kind of taking this tone. Cause usually I take a different tone, but like I’m definitely taking the tone cause it’s like, I feel like nobody helped me to get here. And that’s kind of always that chip we’ve had on our shoulder, like nobody really ever put us on. So it’s like, I hope people hear these and kind of pick up the little things and I’m not talking like, I know what I’m talking about because at the end of the day, I have no idea, but it’s like, you can take what I’m saying and like turn it into your own thing and like use it as a spark for a thought that hopefully somebody hears and makes a whole career out of.

Cause that’s definitely happened for me listening to other artists. Conversations.

KOBY: [00:26:17] How do you think that idea of doing your own thing? Being true to yourself translates over to like the world of shows, because there’s a lot of talk about, um, having original music, but I think that’s only really half of the picture as an artist and a big part of it is how you actually interact with people.

Is there anything for you that you feel like carries over to the show side of things?

JOHNNY: [00:26:41] Um, yeah, I’ve been told my live show is crazy. So, um, I think for me shows, uh, like it was so like natural, I’ve never been nervous to go on a show. Like people like Hunter. The first time I brought him out, I met Hunter like a week.

We’ve known each other for a week. And then I put him in front of like, 2000 people and like his voice cracked and he was so nervous and I was like, yo, like, you don’t have to be nervous. Like you can, like, you can mess up, dude. Nobody cares. All you have to do is just have fun. And like, I mean, like, like I’ve been saying that’s my whole thing is like, yo, you just had to go out there and be like, Oh, I’m here.

I’m Johnny two phones. And it’s like, not even on some cocky stuff, like. You just got to go out there and I don’t just vibe. I, it sounds like such like an E person, like she’s kind of five and feel the music, but no, like, yeah, go out there and be turned and just like five of the crowd they’re people like you have to look at it like, yeah, these are just normal people who came to the show to have fun.

So it’s like, just have fun with them, like inter interact with them and be comfortable. I mean, I think it comes from playing sports and playing in front of large crowds my entire life. So it’s like, the transition was like easy. So, I mean that, I think that’s what it comes from, but yeah, it’s just like some of the music we structure around.

Like I structure my music perfectly around shows. Um, and I got that from Kanye West when he’s like stadium status. If you notice Kanye West does certain things in his music to make sure that they perform well on shows. I definitely do that, but yeah, I think as far as live shows go like. First of all, you have to be okay with getting booed off stage.

That’s happened to me. It’s going to happen. If you’re an artist it’s normal. And then you have to realize like, if you mess up during a show, like nobody, like, nobody’s like, dang, he messed that one word up. You know what I mean? How many times do I like mess up during my shit? Like rap, the wrong words calls me.

Hunter calls me all the time. I was like, yo, you messed up those worries. And I’m like, I don’t think anybody cares because it was lit overall. Like it’s like overall, like that’s my whole 20, 21 focus. It’s like. Overall is it lit like so many times I get caught up in the, in the itsy-bitsy like details of everything.

And it’s like, yo, at the grand scheme of things, like we popped off rescue. Nobody remembered when I messed up the rollout of love me. Not. Nobody was like that rescue songs, fire, but you messed up that one thing. I love me and I, and I hate you because of it. And I’m not a fan it’s like, that doesn’t matter.

And like, I guess being in that small, like it’s weird. Every step you take when you’re growing as an artist, like every next level you reach, you, you just realize like one how small of an artist you really are. Cause I’ve hopped off whatever, and I’m still not sure. And then you kind of realize that nothing really means anything it’s like.

Is the music. Good. Yeah. Are you not being corny? Are you being yourself? Yeah. Is it like, are you, do you care about your product? Yeah. Then it’s like, it’s gonna go, it’s going to work. You just have to keep grinding. I have no idea how I just got there, but yeah, I’m rambling today.

KOBY: [00:29:36] No, that was great. So, so for your business, if you’re, when you’re, when you’re going about doing that.

How far ahead do you plan for yourself in your business? Is it a plan or is it more just kind of flying by the seat of your pants and doing what feels right at the time?

JOHNNY: [00:29:52] Oh, no, I’m very tactical. I have Google docs full of plans. But another thing you have to realize is that Google doc is never going to work.

How you put it out. Like I had Google docs for last year and then like, we were going to South by Southwest and I had a mixtape plan around it and I had collabs planned around it. And then COVID smashed me in my face and I was chatting inside the house. So it’s like, you want to have an overall plan? And you want to do get, get tactical.

Cause you’re going to get your thoughts out. You need to get your thoughts out with your team. So it’s super helpful to do that, but don’t be upset when it doesn’t work out how you put it on paper and don’t be upset. Don’t be upset in general. It’s just like, figure it out. Like that’s, nobody’s going to do it for you.

You have to figure it out yourself and it’s going to be okay. At the end of the day, those are like golden rules. It’s like, just figure it out. Keep pushing. Don’t take no for an answer. And it’s going to work out like some, something along the line is going to work out.

KOBY: [00:30:47] I think, I think that there are a lot of parallels, um, between.

That idea of kind of planning and adjusting and sports as well. So, so you used to be very serious about basketball, is

JOHNNY: [00:30:58] that right? No, that was league bound, but I was a bench or hanging on PC. I thought I was, I thought I was going, I thought I was the next Brown for a little bit, but, um, yeah, I did, I did play college basketball.

Um, I probably could have played higher divisions, but I was introduced to music in 11th grade and it was like, Oh, I don’t care about sports anymore. I like music. So then I ended up playing D three as like, I wasn’t going to go to college at all. And then I think like in August, one of the coaches called me and he was like, do you want to play here?

And it was, I turned down everybody else, but then I looked into that school and I was like, great for music. So I was like, yeah, I’ll play. And it ended up being the, like amazingly, like one of the best times in my life, um, met so many good people, a hundred G Hunter, G Hunter, uh, Sunday, Tom C. Um, I met so many people there and like school was a waste of time.

Definitely don’t do that. It’s a waste of money, but if you can go to that campus and get friends with people, Like freeload for sure. I free load it for a year and it worked. So yeah, I did play basketball. I love how I’m like, did you play basketball? I’m like, God, I met so many people like, Oh no,

KOBY: [00:32:11] but I, but I think that’s exactly what I, what I was getting at.

I like, do you see any parallels between. Basketball and like growing your musical or anything that I

JOHNNY: [00:32:21] took away from basketball. Yeah. Sorry, I’m cutting you off. I’m sorry. But yeah, it’s like, I even on some things now that I’m building out my business, like if like I’m going to start looking for interns in LA, me and Brian hit coach has talked about it.

Like we’re going to post it. And one of the things we’re going to be looking for is athletic backgrounds, because you know how to work on a team and you know what to do in crunch time and, you know, That like you just athletes, like if you’re a good athlete and like you’re a team player, like that’s huge for me.

Cause it’s like, One just going to get along with me. And then two, you just know when it’s time to just get to it. Like, it doesn’t matter. You’re out of breath. You can’t breathe, you just vomited in the trashcan, but we got to win States next week and you know what time it is, you know what I mean? It’s like, people like that are people I want to work with because I’m like that, like when we went viral, I didn’t sleep.

And it’s like, everyone’s like, yeah, I’m gonna sit. I’m like, Nope. What asleep, what not sleeping right now. Are you crazy? And it’s just like, yo, like athletes are like, they’re hustlers. I got like hustlers. So like I’m, I’m personalized how I was brought up. So it’s like, I like to be around that and like me and coach Hayes go crazy with that mindset.

These guys do too. But these guys are more so like Jake and Hunter are more artists oriented and like that’s where we kind of bunk heads sometimes. Cause I kind of have to realize like, They’re down to grind, but like their grind comes from a different source. I feel like, you know what I mean? Would you agree with that?

Like, I don’t know where you’re going with this. I feel like, okay. Maybe even more so Hunter, because Hunter has like this thing where it’s like, what are you surrounded by? Affects his music and like how his mood is affects his music and how like he picks up inspiration differently. I get my inspiration from life or death.

Like we got mouths to feed. We got to make this work. I’m going to go crazy for it. He gets his inspiration from like, Dan has B sounds crazy right now. Like for me, it’s like, yo, it’s all about that. But it’s like, I’m grinding right now that I’m hustling. Like, I feel like I’m in the gym doing shots, you know what I mean?

It’s just, it’s, it’s like a different source of inspiration and like, I think both are beautiful, but I do like, as far as business goes, yeah. I like to work with people who do sports because they know what time it is. I was thinking

KOBY: [00:34:27] also like with the sports parallel with business. I think another thing that goes along with both is this kind of idea of self-assessment like, you need to be able to assess where you are in an objective way, analyze your own, work, your own progress, and then make small adjustments to, so there is that grind side of things, but I think there’s also.

Uh, at least for me, I mean, I’m less of a team sports person when we’re talking about actual sports, I’m a runner, but I think I find a lot of parallels there for myself as well, where, um, it’s, it’s about trying to find the little things that you can tweak and improve, and that. Helps me a lot in my work as a mixer and things like that.

So I think that’s really interesting and something that I’m glad to hear, I’m interested to hear that you’re looking for people with a sports background, for a music sort of position. That’s really

JOHNNY: [00:35:19] cool. I think the self-awareness and self critique is huge and I, I give my entire success or whatever you call what I have.

I give that all the self critique, like they know like Hunter and Jake know like how much I self critique. It’s almost like it’s almost unhealthy. I had to like. Stop it like in a way, like I had to dial back on it, like, cause I’m to the point where we can do a whole song and I’ll be like, mm don’t like that one part let’s start over.

I’m like, you know, it’s like, but that’s how like greatness is shaved. And that sounds like I’m like Colby, Bryan or something. But now I’m just trying to phones and make okay. Music. But. It is like that self-awareness cause like I talk about it with coach Hayes a lot. I’m going to come home and coach hates this entire interview.

I’m not going to miss once. I mean, drill that into people’s heads, his name’s coach Hayes, but I talked to ’em here’s about it. And it’s like, how do people wrap and not hear that they’re bad at rap? You know, cause it’s like, yo, when I first started and I’m not mean like, I don’t say it. Yeah. This was the ill hearted thing.

Cause I’m the first person to stand up for somebody where they play with your music and it’s not good. And I’m like, that’s okay. I’m going to be honest with you though. This is how you can fix it. Cause it’s like, if you play me your music, it sucks. And I tell you it’s lit. Like I just did not help you at all.

Like I just put you 10 steps back. So it’s like. How do you hear your music and not hear that’s your all flow? It’s like, when I was like 16 in my room making music, I’d bring it to my friends and they’d be like, yeah, that sucks. And I’d be like, you know what? You’re kind of right. Like, let me do it this way and try it this way.

And it’s like that self critique that self-awareness is made me. Good. Cause I have no musical backing. I like played drums for two weeks. I tried the bass guitar and hated it. And that was that. And then I just started rapping and it just, I was good at it because I self critique and because I wanted it and I think that does come from sports.

Cause I can remember working on a Jumpshot doing the same thing and I can remember. Like, it’s almost like your brain is wired different when you come from sports. And I mean, I’m pretty sure it is. It’s probably sports science behind that cause you know what to do in certain situations, but yeah, I think self-awareness, and self-critique is another major thing to pull away from being a independent artist.

KOBY: [00:37:20] Yeah. That’s something that we’ve talked about quite a bit on the podcast and Jake, like both, both of us have had experiences with that where it can actually be. Pretty difficult though. Sometimes people don’t critique themselves enough, but I think it’s also really easy to over critique yourself and then just not do anything, just shut everything down, not put anything out and stuff like

JOHNNY: [00:37:43] that.

So in the, the way around that I feel like is having a team. I feel like having a team is super big because you need, you need people who are going to check you like. Brian. Hey, is coach. He’s really good at that. For me, he’s like, yo, you’re tweaking. Like, it’s fine. Then it’s like, you kind of have to take because you get so caught up in emotions start like, for me, it’s anxiety.

So it’s like, I started feeling it in my chest and it’s like, why am I speaking out? I was like, Oh, it’s not that big a deal. It’s fine. Like, yeah, it’s a good song still. You know, I saw like, Drop it and see what happens. And like, that’s how I got, like, I think that’s so crazy. Like I’m such an unlikely person for this spot that I’m in, but it’s like, I made myself likely, like, you can make yourself something.

And I made myself, like, I made me cool. Like I was, I always thought I was cool, but like I made the world think I was cool. And it’s just like, that’s what you have to do. Like drop that, drop that song and see what people think about it. And if they don’t like it. Okay. Fix it. But if they don’t like it and they’re just hating on you, like jot more.

Cause if you’re getting hate, you’re doing something right. Because I, this is my first time in my life. I’ve had like haters, like I sound like such a rapper. Like I got mad hated, but if you have haters in your common session, that means that people you’re big enough for people to feel comfortable to talk down on you because.

They know, you’re never going to get to them because if this was three years ago and you were crazy talking in my car, like, Oh my God, I’m going to see you. Like, we’re going to have to talk about it. Like in person, I’m going to see you. But now it’s like, yo, I got Ted Ted from Nashville, Tom, crazy comments.

He knows I can’t get up with him. So he’s going to talk crazy. And it’s like, that’s crazy to me. And what’s even more so crazy is now I ha I’ve always had fans, but now I have a bigger fan base. And they’ll get at Ted for me, he’ll be like, yo, Ted, get outta here tied like unwanted tab. And it’s just like, man, like I got to, well there’s by self critiquing.

Yes. But drop it, put content out. It’s a content based era. We’re in 2021, people have such a short attention spans. And on top of that, we’re in quarantine. So it’s like short attention span in times 20. So now you’re like, yeah, I went viral at rescue, but. What’s next as everybody’s question. And like, that’s why we did second chance.

Cause it’s like, yeah, we’re going to still work rescue, but like I’m aware of what I’m in and it’s a content base. And most of my fans are probably like 25 to 13. So it’s like, what’s next? What’s next. It’s not it’s, it’s a very much so a game of, it’s not what you’ve done. It’s what have you done for me lately?

And I think artists need to realize that and like, that’s a very big negative, but there are plus sides to it. Cause it’s like. Hmm, you might mess up. They might not even care about it in the most. Like, don’t forget about it. Tyga, bounce back. You can bounce back. Like, you know what I mean? So it’s like, you’re good.

Like drop it. If it’s, if it’s fire, like it’s gonna work well. And then on top of that, if you drop a song and it doesn’t work. Great at first, give it time juice. World did drop Lucy lucid dreams was out six months before it blew up. El Ella Minaj. Like whatever her name is. I don’t mean to disrespect. I, uh, boot up was out two years before it blew up.

Um, Lizzo, same thing. Um, and then I dropped piss me off in the first week. Everybody’s like this song sucks. And now it just got to a million views on Spotify three days ago. So it’s like, give it time, keep doing what you’re doing and it’s gonna grow if it’s good. So were there ever times

JAKE: [00:41:07] where you felt like giving up on music every day

JOHNNY: [00:41:12] where you felt like giving up or,

JAKE: [00:41:14] um, you know, you had creative blocks or whatever, and how did you push through that?

Ooh, even, even outside of creative blocks, maybe being an artist as a

JOHNNY: [00:41:23] whole, how did you push through that? A million times? I thought about it on the way here. I’m thinking about it now. Um, I feel like as an independent artist, that’s like that dark cloud always over your head almost. It’s like. Should I just give up like, like, so it’s, it’s real, you’re a liar.

If you never think of that. Like, I like Russ as somebody I like have been listening to lately, I kind of sound really gross in this interview, but, uh, he’ll probably say hopefully he’s probably like very confident in self and like, I never thought about that. Yes, you did. Everybody that drank thought about drink, rapped about it.

Like Drake, what was the joke bar? He’s like, I saw people doing things almost gave up on the music thing. Now we all saw a spoil now more life, more everything. And it’s like, yo, if Drake was thinking about giving up like a hundred percent natural, bro, you’re on the course, six of the course. Yeah. Uh, when I dropped out of college enough and I got promised a deal and then the week I got out of college and the deal backfired on me and I had no backup plan, um, that was the time where I was like, I do.

And like, but that’s what makes it fun. Um, you have no idea what’s about to happen and you might be wasting your life, but we’re in this and we’re gaining. But, um, yeah, it was the mindset when you’re pushing through, it comes back to that athlete mindset of like, How bad do you really want this? Do you want this more than you want to breathe?

And it’s like every day I wake up and think about this. So I didn’t just put all that work in to give up because somebody doesn’t like me. Like, you’re crazy. You’re out your mind. If you think you could make me stop, like where for one I’m way too. Good. And I don’t say that, like I, I say that, I say that humbly, like, I’m really good at what I do.

Don’t play with me. And then two on top of that. It’s like, we’re here, you know, even before sq, like we’re here, like Johnny through phones gets put up on a poster, 700 people show up. What? Like, that’s crazy me, like hundred GS name goes on a song. People listen to it, Jake Manish next to it. Like they’re like, they, they know what it’s about.

It’s like, yo, that’s crazy. Like. I am really a nobody, you know, I like, I, I thought I was cool and then I told the world about it and then the world like, like that, and it’s just like 700 people showed up to my show, 700 people who came to see me scream, lyrics, and a mic. There’s nothing you can tell me that like is going to make me quit.

It’s like, You just got to drink your own Kool-Aid every day. Just keep drinking that Kool-Aid cause it’s like at some point the tides are going to turn in, like the world is going to get with you. The mindset is like, you have to realize even when it feels like the end of the world, you’re not going to die.

Not everybody hates you. You still have fans. And even if you have three fans, you have to realize like, Yo, if somebody is going out their way, you have 10 plays on your SoundCloud song. That’s 10 plays, bro. That’s, that’s impressive. Congratulations. Like you’re doing this. Like I hear a lot of people. I see a lot of artists downfall are getting caught up in what they do and like getting caught up in what other artists around them are doing.

And like prime example is when solely first got signed, he was the first one out of here to get signed. And I know we were all kind of in a race at that time. And I remember working with suave and we’re going slowly. And I was like, Dang. He beat us to it. Like he beat us to it. Ah, he beat us to it and it’s like, we, I couldn’t, uh, I know a lot of other artists took that and went this way.

I could have took that and been like, Man F solely, like he’s not even that good, his music socks, he just sing stoke girls and all this things that you hear about solely. And like, you hear the haters saying instantly knows this. I’m not talking down on solace, so he’s incredible, but I could have saw that and did all that.

And then just been bitter about it. Or I could have saw it in the light of like, he lives up the street, like, well, I’m next? Like I was like, I shook his hand. Like we’re about to go crazy. Like, we’re going to like take it as almost inspirational. It’s like that. It’s like how you look good. Things is like huge.

It’s like you could have looked at that and been mad and hated on him. Or you could have looked at that and been like, wow, kit, first of all, congratulations and congratulations to the solely in general, his music is amazing. He’s a pretty guy. He’s a pretty great eyes, but, um, no, he’s a pretty, he’s a pretty nice guy and he’s doing well.

Well right now, and Tik TOK, we’ve been talking about the back of Tik TOK, a lot, me, him and behaves. Um, but yeah, like you just got to realize that first of all, somebody else’s path to success is not your path to success. There’s no written rule to how all of this works. It all works differently for every single person.

And then on top of that, it’s like, I guess before you even started this, you should really ask yourself the question of like, how much am I willing to put into this? Cause if you’re one of those people who plays me a song and you’ve been rapping for a week, I’m not going to listen to it. But if I see you’ve been grinding for a while and like, you’re really putting time into this, I’m going to take my time out of my day and be like, yeah, I’m going to help this person out because not that I want anything in return or I’m trying to be a good person.

It’s just like, just, you know what I’m saying? I want to see you win. Like I want to see other people win. Yeah. It’s just the mindset of like, what, I guess it’s the mindset overall. Cause like, what do you do in that moment? It’s like, you already know what to do at that moment. Cause you’ve been doing it.

And every other moment, like when you’re down bad, it’s like, you got to figure out how to get out of it. That’s what pissed me off was for me, it was like I was down bad. Like I was on the Twitter page guys who are down there, like I was that bad and it’s just like I was going through it, but I dug myself out of the hole.

You, you kinda get to that point and it’s like, damn, like I gotta do that. I didn’t even know. I was like, physically you look at like the memes where the guy looks at his hands and he’s like, Whoa. Like you kind of get to that moment where it’s like, I didn’t even know I was capable of that. And it’s like, You almost embrace the dark times in the writer’s blocks and like the times where it’s bad.

Cause like, first of all, when it’s bad, it can’t get it. Like most of the time it can’t get any worse. So it’s like, first of all, that that’s, that’s the key you have to be like, can’t really get any worse than this. And then you have to realize like, Oh, I just got to dig myself out of the hole. Take that step back.

Take that breather for me. I go to Chipola. If I’m feeling down, I was just going to just pull a. I sit there and I think about it and I get fat. And then I’m like, Oh, I know what to do. We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing because it’s worked in other scenarios. It didn’t work this time, but we’re just going to take a step back, assess it and move accordingly.

Cause I know my music is good. You have to know yourself and be confident in yourself and confident, not cocky. I don’t like hockey people. Nobody likes cocky people, but people do like confidence, but. I like mean people don’t be mean like that don’t be a mean person.

KOBY: [00:47:48] I think what you just said about like confidence versus cocky really kind of sums up that idea.

Like confidence is desirable because it’s not directed at anybody else. Cocky is. Bad because you’re, you know, you’re confident, but you’re putting somebody else down. You’re elevating yourself by pushing other people down. So I think that’s like a distinction. And when you’re comparing yourself to other people, that’s, that’s part of the reason you can get down.

But a good

JOHNNY: [00:48:14] one way to say that is, is to realize like, even in that silly situation, I’m sorry, I’m name dropping a lot. But in that slowly situation, I realized that I wasn’t in competition with solely, I was in competition with myself. So it’s like, Why would I be upset that he just got signed, bro, congratulations, get a bag.

But you’re crazy if you think I’m not right behind you with the bangers, like we’re coming, we’re coming crazier. So it’s like, I wasn’t in conversation with solely. I wasn’t trying to be the next Elliot. I’m trying to be the first Johnny two phones. And like, and, and that’s why, like I see Sally paper planes on Instagram a lot, and he’s like, I’m the best rapper.

And like a sucker, a bozo would be like, what. You’re not the best rapper in the final eight. You but me, I’m like great. You think you’re the best rapper you should think you’re the best rapper. I think I’m 10 times better than you. And we should both think like this because you’re selling paper planes, and you’re amazing at what you do.

And I’m, Johnny’s who phones and nobody can fuck with me. It’s just like, you have to have that mindset because if you don’t have that mindset, the comments are gonna get at you. The comments are going to get to you. And that’s when. I don’t know I was around it in college. I was around the haters. The haters came up to me in the bar like, Oh, you think you’re important?

Like, yeah, I do. Do you want a picture? I shot him. Like, what’s up? Like, get it, like, you know what I mean? It’s like, yeah, I do think I’m a boy. And I thought I was important before anybody else thought I was important. And I’m still thinking I’m for it. And then like, I want people to realize that you should think of reporting.

If you’re the mailman, I’m the best mailman in the world. What do you mean? Like, do you see the way I dropped that mail? That mailbox? Nobody does it like me. And it’s like, yo, you have to have, have that mindset. And it’s just like, that’s, that’s the key to having an overall successful mindset. It’s like, you just got to believe you’re the, the S the stuff before you, this stuff.

KOBY: [00:49:55] Absolutely. I mean, I think you’ve kind of demonstrated that like that persistence can lead to something bigger. So I’m really excited to see what you and your whole team of Jake and hunted G what you guys are able to do in the next couple of years. I think it’s going to be. Really exciting. It’s already really exciting looking forward.

Are there any predictions that you can make? Whether that’s something that you can see down the road or

JOHNNY: [00:50:21] wishful thinking, we’re going to go crazy. Um, we’re going to be the Vegas artists in the world and. I’m not going to stop until I get there, but near, near predictions, a lot of cool stuff that I can’t really talk about.

Cause it’s not finished yet, but I do have a lot of like cool stuff coming. And of course, a ton of ton of new music that we can finally release. Cause everybody in the room with me now is like released music. And before I was like, no, but now I’m like, all right, I’ll drop it. It’s kind of good that you didn’t drop though.

See in every, in every that’s another thing. It’s another thing you have to know your plan, like trust your process. Like sometimes I do let people throw me off and sometimes you guys do throw me off in a good way. Like sometimes I’m thinking some BS and you guys are like, nah, but like that, I just knew. I was like, Now I want to drop him on his, right.

That, that means that doesn’t mean like, if we drop those songs that something better when it happened, maybe, but like you, sometimes you got to trash your plan and like your team and you have to bump heads and that’s okay. Because in the end, we’re here, we’re lit. Well, you

KOBY: [00:51:25] guys are about to go make another hit right now, though, right?

Like that’s, that’s the plan for after the. The recording is another song coming

JOHNNY: [00:51:32] down the pipeline? No, I forget that. I’m about to do another podcast. We’re about to talk about, talk about aliens, your favorite cartoon network show. What was bad about Billy Mandy or are you a Nick kid or a cartoon network here?

JAKE: [00:51:48] I was, I was both. I was both

JOHNNY: [00:51:51] channel 33. 32 33 and then like Disney for like sweet life. Yeah, that was three 34, but I was only on there for like sweet life and like wizards of Waverly place. Cause Selena goes, man, this was my baby back in the day. But now she does some racist stuff. I don’t know about her, but you know, she wants to holler.

I mean, I’m in the spot. What’s the word?

KOBY: [00:52:13] Well, Johnny, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. Before you guys get to your session. Um, is there, is there any last message that you want to leave our listeners with any piece of advice or something for them to look out for?

JOHNNY: [00:52:28] Yeah. Hide your brother.

I’m coming. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Uh, I’d say, first of all, believe in yourself before anybody else does, because if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else can, don’t be upset when your friends don’t support you in the beginning, you have to prove to them they’re fans too. So you have to treat them like fans, but if you’re like me and your friends still don’t buy your t-shirts, they’re probably not your friends.

Uh, what else would I say? It’s a content based era. Put out as much as you can. Um, I wouldn’t say quantity over quality. Don’t do that, but try like don’t hold stuff. I feel like that’s my biggest mistake throughout my entire career. I’ve always held onto stuff. And the minute I started just like posting, posting, posting is when my stuff kind of took off.

And every time I post consistently like gelato compared with stock and then into here for it, or like into the sun, pushed into rescue, pushed into it, pissed me off. It’s like, Those are the moments that I’ve seen the most growth. So it’s like content music, just post it and make sure it’s good. And then on top of everything, self critique, like, yes, thank you.

The BS, but check yourself and don’t be afraid to be wrong in certain situations. And then on top of that, it’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to mess up that like dig yourself out of that hole. You’re going to be 10 times better when you come out of it. And then give money and don’t love these hoes. I don’t know.

And respect women.

JAKE: [00:53:59] Well, thanks for coming on the podcast, brother, this has been pretty good. I’m sure the listeners


JAKE: [00:54:03] like it. I hope Koby. Hello, back to you.

KOBY: [00:54:08] That’s all we’ve got for you this week and we’ll catch you on the next episode of self signed artists.

JOHNNY: [00:54:36] Johnny!.